Our dear friend Donna out in San Luis Obispo has a fun new idea for her upcoming Mah Jongg tournament. She has filled a jar with various tiles and for $1 you can enter the contest to guess how many tiles are in the jar. The correct guess wins all the money!! Donna has an even bigger jar to use for her tournament in January. This is such a great idea to add to the fun of a tournament. Leave it to Donna to come up with new ideas! image1And, speaking of  the San Luis Obispo area, we are sending good thoughts and prayers to Donna, Boots, and all the rest of our friends in the Central Coast area of California that the fires will soon be contained and they will have suffered no damage.

4 thoughts on “WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

  1. Rod Limke

    I did something similar to this for a MJ class I thought.
    The person, that guessed closest to the number of tiles in the glass vase, won a mah jongg bag to hold their money and card.


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  3. Phyllis

    Always good to hear different ideas to present at tournaments. I have put a colored sticker under plates or seats and given mah jongg items to winners, one per table! Have put names in a basket of all players attending and chose 5 names to give $20. if special hands were not made during tournament. So many good ideas to keep them interested in returning.


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