One of my star students has been practicing on the great website and she is conquering the new National Mah Jongg League’s 2017 card! She frequently sends me screen shots of particularly great wins…check out this one…the last hand on the card (Singles and Pairs section) worth 60 points but, since she picked it herself, she received 120 points! Nice!!

The NMJL’s new card is now uploaded onto and it is a great place to really get to know the card and hone your skills. Just be warned…once you start playing on, it is hard to stop!

4 thoughts on “SHE’S DONE IT AGAIN!

  1. Carl

    I am a new player. Is the internet game played with other people or a machine. I’m really slow and don’t want to hold anyone up.


    1. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

      Hi Carl – you can choose to play the game with other players, with specific people, or with the bots. Among other things, it is a really good way to learn how to speed up your game play.


  2. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

    “Bots” is slang for robots. They are part of the program on You can play with friends, join someone else’s table, or play the game with bots.


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