I’ve received this message from a reader of this blog. I’d love to hear how your Mah Jongg group deals with this issue. My group doesn’t pay for wall games but I think many groups do. So, let me know your thoughts.

I have two groups that I play with and love them both for different reasons.  I have been playing with my original group for over 5 years, but the other for only a year (they have been playing together for over 5 years, almost 50 years each individually!). One of their table rules is putting up a quarter for a wall game.  However, we disagree on how this should work when playing with more than 4 people.  They say the person coming in pays the quarter because they are the one who has a chance to win it.  I say the person who played the wall game pays it because it is in lieu of the (minimal) quarter they would have paid had someone won.  I can see it both ways, but it still bothers me a bit each time.  It’s only a quarter and I am a newer player so I go along with it.  I am wondering how other groups deal with this issue.  I’m sure there are some great stories about this!  Thanks for listening/commenting.

8 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  1. Jan Egri

    My groups back in VT all had jars that we saved that money and then donated it to charities of our choice. Here in FL, in one group, we each put in a dollar and it goes to the person that wins the next hand. The other group puts it into a pot so if someone goes pie, they can take the money out from there. If there is any money left at the end, it gets divided out to each player.


  2. Mariette Feldman

    In my game everyone, including the better puts in a quarter for a wall game and uses it when someone goes pie. In my second game everyone also puts in a quarter and is given to the person who makes mah Jong next but in all cases everyone including better puts into the kitty.


  3. Shirley H

    My groups both play that the incoming player adds in the quarter because they are eligible to win that pot


  4. Nancy

    One MJ group puts a quarter in a kitty each time there’s a wall game. The next person who gets Maj with a quint or pairs hand gets the pot.


  5. Sheryl P

    Everyone puts in. If there is a better than she has the chance to win or to lose like everyone else. Therefore only those who put the quarter in would be eligible to win the quarter unless they went pie already.


  6. Doris Melnick

    In our groups, we all put in a quarter for a wall game. The only way to get the pot is to do any jokerless hand. Not just singles and pairs, but ANY hand jokerless. Sometimes it is quite a pay off. If no one wins at the end of the day, we just split the pot back up. We don’t play with five.


  7. Pat McLaren

    We all put in a quarter (because the bettor can win & lose) and house rules used to be that the next jokerless or quint hand won the pot. Our new house rule gives the pot to the next winning hand.


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