We had a great afternoon of Mah Jongg today and, as usual, I was so engrossed in the game that I totally forget to take photos of some of the winning hands. However…I did remember to take a photo of the candies that I made for the afternoon and I will follow up with recipes tomorrow. These are SO easy to make that it is almost embarrassing! 

In the meantime, I wanted to ask you what you think of the 2017 card. Many people have complained to me about so many different things on this card and also the fact that there are more wall games than ever before. What are your thoughts? All I can say is that I really miss Ruth and the amazing Mah Jongg cards that she and her group turned out year after year.

6 thoughts on “SWEETS FOR THE OMs

  1. Joan

    Ruth is and always will be a hard act to follow!
    Many of us in both groups I play in agree that yes, there are more wall games playing the 2017-18 card.
    My own personal feeling is that the card is boring, and very predictable.
    That being said, after having played for many years, I cannot ever remember any year in
    which there was a card that pleased everyone in every category, without exception!


  2. Tony Rizzutto

    My opinion is that quite a few of the hands are predictable and players play defensively causing wall games. If players each pay a quarter for a wall game, that can add up real quick.


  3. tarrinteriors@aol.com

    Hi Ann… Cute cookies. And, our MJ experience with the card proves true as to ‘wall games’… Hugs.. Charlotte


  4. Lynn

    This years card is an easy card to learn and to play (both offensively and defensively) but I tend to like each new card as it’s new and different and I am ready for a change.


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