I just can’t help saying over and over again how much I adore Gladys Grad and all she does for our beloved game of Mah Jongg. Last week she developed a spread sheet of sorts explaining the difference between certain actions in a friendly social game and the same actions in a tournament. And, guess what…there really shouldn’t be a difference because, as Gladys says, that social game set of rules just cost you money! Read on and much thanks to Gladys!!

3 thoughts on “RULES IS RULES…

  1. lajohni

    That “social” game column is a toss away. It would have been more accurate to have a column with the actual NMJL rules instead. The League also deals with many of these situations. I understand the need for being anal in a tournament but the actual NMJL rules seem to make much more sense for friendly, gracious play.

    For example, in a tournament if you even TOUCH a tile, your required to take it. In the official League rules it’s more sensible. For example, if it’s a wall tile, your committed when you lift it from the wall. If it’s a discarded tile, it’s when it is placed on your rack.

    The overwhelming percentage of Mah Jongg players in the country are not tournament players and a big reason is because of the tendency of the players to pounce on every slight misstep. I think if the directors played with the true League rules, they may have better luck attracting more social players. Just my two cents (or Mahj quarter as the case may be).



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