Remember the posting that was up over these past few days? I was hoping for information regarding the Continental Federal Savings and Loan Association’s Mah Jongg card that my student found in her mother’s vintage set. Well, good news because our friend, the wonderful Katie A, knew all about it. Here is what she had to say:

This was a good marketing thing from them. This red looks like Wright-Patterson rules. This looks like Wright-Patterson. The blue one from Oklahoma City Federal Savings I have ends the date hands at 1963 (14th edition), so I guess that dates it. I also have one from Phoenix Federal First. Not the city in Arizona – “Phoenix Federal was founded in 1909 and is Muskogee’s largest savings and loan. This Association has enjoyed the confidence of the people of Oklahoma for more than 40 years.” This one doesn’t have year hands.

Here is the posting again, just to refresh your memory. And much thanks to Katie!

Sally, one of my newest students, found her mother’s bone and bamboo set and, along with the beautiful set, there was this booklet from Continental Federal Savings and Loan Association in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Based on the “date hands,” I am making an educated guess that this booklet is from 1975.

I don’t know if you can see the penciled notes on the front page but they are: Bams – Green; Craks – Red; Dots – White; and II = 2 ones.

It would seem to make sense that the Continental FSALA gave these booklets out to their valued customers, sort of like when gas stations or grocery stores gave out S&H Green Stamps. However, if anyone has any information on these booklets, please let me know. Here are the pages from the booklet for you to enjoy!