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If you are starting to tire of the Mah Jongg games currently available online, here is a new and exciting game:


Solve Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express in Mahjong Crimes

Unravel the puzzles to reveal clues and crack the mystery…the game is afoot! Mahjong Crimes is now live and available for free on iOS and Android exclusively from Spil Games. Mahjong Crimes delivers your favorite elements from the classic tile game, but with a fascinating twist! Tap into your sleuthing skills as you investigate, search for clues, and solve puzzles while immersed in the world of Agatha Christie’s famous Murder on the Orient Express.

Amsterdam — 9 November 2017: It’s one of a kind. Puzzling out classic, intriguing Mahjong leads you to expose the truth in the world’s most famous murder mystery, Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. 

Available for free from today on iOS and AndroidMahjong Crimesexclusively combines the classic tile game with the lavish period settings of Agatha Christie’s great detective story.

The plot thickens In an all-new take on one of the world’s most popular games, 250 levels of Mahjong Solitaire unlock clues as you travel through 5 different scenarios within Agatha Christie’s iconic mystery. As you climb into your elegant compartment aboard the Orient Express, you’ll be faced with 1 of 7 inscrutable varieties of the classic tile-matching game. You may have to beat the clock to reveal a hidden clue. Or the tiles may have letters rather than Chinese characters, and matching those letters spells out an important facet of the case. It is endlessly entertaining and is the only Mahjong game to feature an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

“It’s amazing to see Agatha Christie’s story taking shape so brilliantly in this 21st century medium,” says James Prichard, Chairman and CEO of Agatha Christie Ltd (who also happens to be the extraordinary writer’s great-grandson).

The facts of the case Mahjong and Murder on the Orient Express: two timeless classics combined into a single great game…

  • 250 challenging levels, in 5 scenarios from Agatha Christie’s mystery
  • Power up to get ahead in the game
  • Collect unique Mahjong tile sets
  • The game stays fresh with more levels, mysteries and tile sets added regularly

Watch the trailer! See screenshots from the game here! Download now on the app store

MAHJONG CRIMES is now available for free on iOS and Android!


Starting tonight at 12:01am – and through Monday night at 11:59pm – our fabulous vintage-inspired Mah Jongg table cover is on sale for 30% off for all members of the Facebook group, Mah Jongg That’s It.  As always, the table cover comes with free shipping!!! This is the perfect gift for all your Mah Jongg friends and also for anyone who plays games on card tables. To be eligible for this promotion, go to the Facebook group, Mah Jongg That’s It and sign up to be a part of this fantastic group. If you are already a member then just go directly to this link: Mah Jongg That’s It.

After you have signed up, go to and click on the table cover. Don’t forget to enter the code MJTI to get your discount!

Have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


Four days only – MahJongg Mentor is offering a 30% discount on a great holiday gift – contact them at MAHJONGGMENTOR.COM/THANKSGIVING – don’t forget to use THANKS2017 in the invite code.


I know so many of you are interested in teaching your children and grandchildren the wonderful game of Mah Jongg but just are not sure as to how to do it. Well, good news is here! Sally Jo Rudnick of has developed a wonderful Mah Jongg Junior card offering Mah Jongg fun for all ages. Not only is it well-designed to attract the (much) younger generation, but it definitely will help children ease into the game. Perhaps it also might work for the very senior people who want to learn the game but are having a difficult time understanding the suits, the Dragons, the hands on the card, etc. 

I am so impressed with Sally Jo and her great idea. The card is hot off the presses and to be among the first to get yours and start teaching the next generation of Mah Jongg winners, contact Sally Jo at

Some of the benefits of the card are:

  • Easy to Read Card Design.
  • Fun and Challenging Hands.
  • Rules are included on the back of the Card.
  • New Yearly Cards are mailed to you each November.
  • FREE Shipping!

Here’s a preview of Sally Jo’s creation (I have redacted the better part of the hands as the card is proprietary – get your own to see these wonderfully easy and teachable hands for yourself). And, as an added incentive, by purchasing this card you will be helping to support the JCC and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

To receive your card in time for Chanukah and Christmas, be sure to place your order NOW!


Oh, YUM! Look what I got – a very delicious chocolate coin that couldn’t be more perfect for Chanukah gelt or stocking stuffers for your favorite Mah Jongg friends (each coin is individually packed in a sweet little clamshell). Along with being absolutely adorable, they are delicious too (they are dark chocolate so that means they are good for you!). What a wonderful idea and the perfect little gift for the holidays…and beyond!

If you are interested in purchasing, contact the very creative Anna at


Our dear friend Jeri is in Japan and look what she found…private club MahJongg rooms! Don’t we wish we had these here? I know that I would be joining!