My students call me RackIt (!) because I am constantly reminding them to rack their tiles after they have picked from the wall. Why am I so fixated on racking the tile – and done in the proper way? Well, simply because this avoids any confusion, disagreements, and/or mistakes. But don’t take my word for it – let’s hear what the Grand Master of American-Style Mah Jongg, Gladys Grad, has to say about this issue:


Please answer this question so it can be settled with my Mah Jongg group.  When does your chance to call for a discarded tile end?  I think we have some misinformation afloat.

A.  You can claim a discard before the next player picks and RACKS their next tile. If they click the tile ON their rack, it does NOT count.

If they hold it (even for a long time), it does NOT count.

Putting their picked tile on the table in FRONT of their rack does NOT count.

And in order to claim the tile that you have already RACKED and that you don’t want to lose to someone who is claiming the last discard….make sure you RACK IT FULLY ON THE SLANTED PORTION OF YOUR RACK.

Much thanks to the wonderful Gladys Grad!


2 thoughts on “GLADYS KNOWS BEST!

  1. Nancy B. Mitchell

    On racking info…What if a player simply pulls a tile, flips it, names it, and then puts it face up on table? Is that considered a complete turn?


    1. Mah Jongg and Me Post author

      Hi Nancy – if your Mah Jongg group says that you must rack your tile in order for your turn to officially begin then you would never have to worry about this. In my book what you have described would not be a complete turn. To avoid confusion, people should rack their tile. Then there is never a question as to whether or not the last tile discarded is still viable.


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