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Yesterday I went to get my mail and there was an unexpected package waiting for me. I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon that was due to arrive so I was mystified. It wasn’t my birthday – or even my half birthday – so I wasn’t expecting any gifts. As I opened the package I was happily surprised to find this inside:Wow! I am now the very proud owner of the limited edition Red and White Stripe Americana Mah Jongg set designed and created by our very own Mah Jongg Grand Master, Gladys Grad! Gladys is a Grand Master of American-Style Mah Jongg and the leader of the most marvelous Mah Jongg tournaments and Mah Jongg cruises. Gladys is also the creator and developer of Siamese Mah Jongg, the game that is sweeping the country. Her Mah Jongg Madness newsletter is always filled with news about our beloved game along with frequently asked questions to which only Gladys knows the definitive answers – and she always shares her knowledge with all of us! Without question, Gladys is my Mah Jongg idol! And now her dream of designing a wonderful Mah Jongg set has finally become a reality.

This limited edition set of red-striped tiles is made up of an Americana theme – the Dots are baseballs, the Bams are baseball bats and the Cracks are – what else? – firecrackers! The One Bam is an American eagle and we have buffalos roaming for both Red and Green Dragons.

But wait…where’s the White Dragon? Oh, there it is…of course – it is a diamond-shaped home base!

I also am in love with the Flowers – they are all the same – an American Red Rose – so it is easier for newer players to understand them.

      • Each set comes with a certificate of authenticity. Since it is a limited edition set that means that there are limited quantities (duh!). So, if you are a collector, or just want a fabulous new set that just happens to be designed by Gladys Grad, check it all out at