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I’m always flattered when the ladies in my apartment building invite me to join in their Mah Jongg game. They have each been playing for about a million years and their game play is fast and exciting. I like playing with them because it really sharpens my game play to have to play so fast. Their table rule is that you cannot lose more than $5 in one day so I come armed with lots and lots of quarters! One of the ladies today has been playing Mah Jongg since 1938! She is in her 90s and still sharp at the game – wow! what an inspiration she is!!

I had a very lucky day and declared Mah Jongg a number of times and went home with more money than I came with to the game. Here are just a few of the many nice hands that were played today (these ladies not only play really fast, they like to play for many hours!):

This hand came together nicely for me. I am finding the 2468 hands on the NMJL 2014 card much easier to play than they were on the 2013 card.

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Even though I am always head over heels with the carvings and colorful paintings on the vintage Mah Jongg sets, I am so in love with this new set by the design house Maison Martin Margiela.

It would look so nice in my apartment and wouldn’t it be fun to play a game of Mah Jongg with a set like this – big sigh… rumor has it that the set sells for $5000.



I mentioned that J’s apartment was beautifully decorated – take a look at how pretty everything looked…


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Today was our annual Mah Jongg holiday party. J’s apartment was beautifully decorated for the holidays and we took the time to catch up with one another and talk about everything under the sun before we started playing since we knew that it would be a couple of weeks before we were together again. Of course, presents were opened and there were so many! J gave us all a beautiful notepad and pen as well as a yummy lime and mango salsa from Gunther’s in Texas.image

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