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Lisa has been an amazing student in one of my Mah Jongg classes. She seemed to understand the game from day one. And ever since then, all she has wanted is a vintage Bakelite Mah Jongg set.

Lisa is a very philanthropic woman and for twenty plus years she has been involved with an organization called “Learning to Look.”  In order to show their thanks for her undying commitment and the hard work she has given all these years to this organization, the other members of the group decided to give Lisa a beautiful vintage Bakelite set as a surprise gift.

Please enjoy the face of happiness – these photos say it all:IMG_2677 IMG_2681


Congratulations to Lisa – you deserve this beautiful set; you are a very special person, indeed.


Caren H. has been kind enough to share some beautiful photos from her gorgeous Coronet Mah Jongg set. And not only is this set incredible but her photography skills are quite amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


Coronet was not as prolific as some of the other Mah Jongg manufacturers. This is their only style – made of Bakelite – and it is unique to them. BTW, there is a Coronet set in our book, Mah Jongg – The Art of the Game. In it we note that Coronet used colors not seen in other sets, such as cerulean blue and bright gold highlights. But what really knocked us out are the Dragons blowing smoke. Only in a Coronet set will you see such a fabulous image!

Please note that these photos are shown here by the generous permission of Caren and they are copyrighted under her name which means they cannot be copied or reproduced in any form without her permission.

If you have photos of any unusual Mah Jongg sets, please send them to me so that I might share them with everyone. What a treat!

BTW, Amazon’s website today lists our book as the following:  #1 New Release in Antique & Collectible Porcelain & China…WOW!!!


The other day we posted a need for help in finding matching tiles for a beautiful enrobed Mah Jongg set that was an inheritance from a beloved grandmother.


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photo 2

I was fortunate enough to have had the world’s most wonderful Godmother who now watches over me from the heavens above. And, as proof that she is still looking out for me, her daughter – my “Godsister” – has taken on the duties of watching over me here on earth…today I received the most thoughtful gift from her – a pair of vintage Mah Jongg earrings.

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Every three or four months our Mahj group – made up of six very good friends (alternatively known as “The OMs” for original Mahjettes…or “Mahj Chicks” by Jim) – take off for parts unknown. Well, not really unknown…we have gone to S’s home in Sag Harbor, K’s home in Buck Hill, a home in Old Chatham and most recently, a home belonging to X’s relative in upstate New York.We spend three days and two nights really never leaving the host’s home, just playing Mahj from early, early morning to late, late night and cooking up a storm.


We arrive! All the OM’s but me – I’m taking the picture! Continue reading