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I have two best friends in this world – one lives in California – Alison – and one lives in Florida – Patty – and they are the dearest people in the world to me. Alison’s daughter, Logan Levant, just wrote a fabulous book – The Kitchen Decoded – and if you are looking for a wedding shower gift (or just a wonderful kitchen/recipe book), this is it. Logan was in town this weekend doing a cooking demonstration and book signing at the Broadway Panhandler. In between prepping all the food, she had a chance to sit down and read a certain book that is near and dear to my heart…


By the way, her friend Jason is reading the other book that I wrote this year, Advice for the Lawlorn, a career advice book…and it is not just for lawyers…it is currently available only on the ABA website but coming to Amazon (#1 New Release in Legal Education Profession) and Barnes & Noble and other bookstores in the new year.

And speaking of books, Just a reminder…if you like our book, Mah Jongg The Art of the Game, then please write a review on Amazon!

Lastly, I am hoping for a very happy, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving for all of you!!