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Those of you who read this blog know that from time-to-time I write posts about Toby Salk and her Mah Jongg tournaments. I have never met Toby in person but, through our mutual love of Mah Jongg, we have become virtual friends. Recently a very inspirational article was written about Toby that told so much about her personality and spirit and I thought I would share it with you today. Enjoy!


Here’s Toby with her fabulous mother, Reva, at the Project Mah Jongg exhibit when it came to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

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Toby Salk, a great friend of this blog and a wonderful Mah Jongg teacher in Berkeley and
throughout the Bay Area, sent this fun picture of a cat “playing” Mah Jongg. I wonder if Toby
was the cat’s teacher (since she is already considered to be the “cat’s meow” by all of her
Is your pet a part of your games? Send pictures and they will be posted! We recently heard from
Dianne G who wrote to us about the following:

“Most in our group have dogs. When we only have 3 available to play, the game goes on. We deal a hand to the 4th chair and call that player by the name of the resident dog. We do a blind Charleston (not in the official rules, we know) then return that player’s (Shasha, Chili, Rosie, Pepper, or whoever) tiles to the wall and finish playing the game of “threesies”. All for fun and laughs. This way the game goes on and we still get practice in playing the card.”




photo 1
Today’s posting takes a look at some brief bios from four different teachers in four different
parts of the country. If you live in any of these areas and are looking to take Mah Jongg lessons –
or maybe just pick up some games – contact one of these women…and let them know you
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The other day I posted information about a Mah Jongg teacher extraordinaire for people living on the East Coast – Linda Feinstein was my teacher and any skill I have in the game is a direct result of her great teaching skills. Here’s Linda:


But what about those people on the West Coast – don’t they deserve a great teacher too? Well, today many people in and around the Bay Area in California will be very happy – meet Toby Salk, once a corporate executive and now THE Mah Jongg teacher to know on the Left Coast. Here’s Toby:


Toby’s website, Mah Jongg for Everyone (I love that name!) lists her complete schedule of classes and events (along with a calendar showing the class dates), a listing of her services, and testimonials from her very happy clients.

Now that I have brought joy to future Mah Jongg experts living in New York and the Bay Area, how about some other referrals telling us about your Mah Jongg teachers? I know they are out there, all over the country, and I would love to profile them in this blog…send in their names and bios and I will write about them in future postings.