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Our dear friend Shirley out east in Canada sent this photo – unfortunately, this was not Shirley’s hand but instead, was a Mah Jongg winning hand from one of her friends. My advice, tell this woman to play the lottery tonight – she clearly has lots and lots of luck!!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.04.11 AM

Here’s another angle of the photo which might give you a better look at this lucky lady’s hand:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.04.11 AM

What hand do you think she was playing?
It could be from the Consecutive Run group: FF 1111 2222 DDDD using her Flowers, Dots, and Soaps.
Or from the 13579 group: FF 1111 9999 DDDD again using her Flowers, Dots, and Soaps.
She also could have done a grouping of Pungs instead of all Kongs and put together a hand from the 2015 section: FF 222 000 111 555 (and it’s a closed hand so worth a bit more) still using her Flowers, Dots, and Soaps.
With all those Jokers I would have gone to the Quints section of the card although I can understand why she wanted to use her Pair of Flowers, her Pair of Soaps, and her Pung of Dots; it makes perfect sense why she went in the direction she did, which was FF 1111 2222 DDDD
How many Jokers have you ever had in one hand? Tell us your stories!


Another interesting question and informative answer from

Gladys Grad‘s Mah Jongg Madness newsletter


Q. I have been playing for over 40 years and just love this game.  My friends are all experienced players and we live in Canada. This week during a game, I had one exposure and no other player was exposed.  The last tile from the wall was picked by a player opposite of me and she put it in her rack.  She then took a tile from her rack,  discarded it , but did not name it.  I was just about to say mah jongg when she picked it up from the table and put it back in her rack, and replaced it with another tile.  The fact that she did not say what the tile was, does this make this move okay?I think that she should not have taken the tile from the table because it was discarded  But she feels that because she did not name it, that it was okay.  Was it okay? Sheila

A. Your opponent did you wrong.  First, once a tile has been placed on the table – or named….it is considered discarded.  No-take-backs.  The National Mah Jongg League says “Down-is-Down.”  Further, once Mah Jongg has been declared…that ends the game.  It doesn’t matter that this was the last tile.  Would she expect to retrieve a tile she threw to someone in the middle of a game, so it wouldn’t give her opponent mahj?


I had ordered some hand wipes from Amazon and so, when the package arrived today, I didn’t rush to open it as I knew what it was…or so I thought! I finally opened the package and to my great surprise, it was filled with gifts from dear Joy Hamilton in Canada. Joy and I have never met but have become virtual friends through this blog. I am so honored and thrilled that Joy has sent me such beautiful and thoughtful holiday gifts.

First I saw the lovely letter Joy had included – please note that it is folded in a beautiful origami design:

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Today’s posting is asking for your help on three separate matters…but first, a quick word about some truly amazing customer service. I had ordered something from Where the Winds Blow and there was a problem with what I received – or so I thought. I sent an email to the website thinking that it could be days before I heard back, as is usually the case with most online shops. Not five minutes later I heard from Lynn, the new owner of Where the Winds Blow. Not only was Lynn incredibly apologetic for any inconvenience I might have experienced (I really wasn’t inconvenienced at all), she took care of the problem immediately. My head is still spinning from this kind of customer service – I am so used to hassles and problems and this was such a pleasant outcome, quickly and easily resolved. I give Where the Winds Blow my highest recommendation and encourage all of you to support this full-service online Mah Jongg store and Lynn, a truly wonderful believer in great customer service!

And now, on to today’s issues…

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…and I don’t mean a winning hand in the game of Mah Jongg. This time I am talking about creative handiwork that results in beautiful stitches on a wonderful needlepoint. Today’s photo comes to us from Joy H, a reader of this blog from Amherstburg (south of Windsor, Ontario) in Canada. 


Thanks to Joy for sending this to us. If you have any Mah Jongg-related handiwork, please send pictures and they will be posted!