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Caren H. has been kind enough to share some beautiful photos from her gorgeous Coronet Mah Jongg set. And not only is this set incredible but her photography skills are quite amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


Coronet was not as prolific as some of the other Mah Jongg manufacturers. This is their only style – made of Bakelite – and it is unique to them. BTW, there is a Coronet set in our book, Mah Jongg – The Art of the Game. In it we note that Coronet used colors not seen in other sets, such as cerulean blue and bright gold highlights. But what really knocked us out are the Dragons blowing smoke. Only in a Coronet set will you see such a fabulous image!

Please note that these photos are shown here by the generous permission of Caren and they are copyrighted under her name which means they cannot be copied or reproduced in any form without her permission.

If you have photos of any unusual Mah Jongg sets, please send them to me so that I might share them with everyone. What a treat!

BTW, Amazon’s website today lists our book as the following:  #1 New Release in Antique & Collectible Porcelain & China…WOW!!!


While trying to bring some order to my Mah Jongg collection I came upon a set that I don’t even remember buying. What this tells me is that I should not be purchasing any more sets! I do remember back a few months ago when I was hosting a Mah Jongg Wednesday with the OMs that we did play a few games with this set but S2 complained that it was difficult to play with because it was so dark…I didn’t disagree and pulled out another set in its place.

At any rate, it is embarrassing that I know nothing about this set, including where I purchased it. Maybe someone out there reading this post will be able to enlighten me. In the meantime, don’t let me purchase any more Mah Jongg sets! Someone needs to cut me off!!

BTW, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one with this compulsion!!! Let me know if you can relate to this!


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