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I am just crazy about Barbara and her Eight Flowers Mah Jongg shop on Etsy and am so happy to hear from her that many of you have bought things from her. Now check out these adorable Mah Jongg Book-Lovers Book Mark. I read a lot – when I’m not playing Mah Jongg! – so this is the perfect bookmark for me. These are also great stocking stuffers or Chanukah gifts for those Mah Jongg-playing friends/family members in your life!


By the way, Barbara is not only a Mah Jongg aficionado but she is also an expert on another one of my favorite subjects, CHOCOLATE…YUM!!! Check out her book, The Guide to Chocolate in the Grand Traverse Region. Guess what that means…another kindred spirit from Michigan!!!


Yesterday was our weekly game day and it was X’s turn to host. We all are big fans of Fresh Direct – X ordered in their fabulous Southwest Chicken Salad, which she doctored up to make it ever better. On the side was Fresh Direct’s delicious cornbread. Dessert was fresh strawberries and blueberries with Fresh Direct’s new gluten free brownies and blondies – and they are really good! Of course, our Mah Jongg games would be nothing without the requisite big bowl of black licorice!

First we played with a vintage bone and bamboo set – absolutely magnificent – and we were especially careful not to drop any of the tiles on the carpet as X’s wonderful dog loves anything made of BONE! Duh!!


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Yesterday was my turn to host our weekly Mah Jongg game. Even though it was freezing outside, everyone showed up. I had a great time preparing our cold weather lunch; pictures and recipes will be posted later.

We started out our day by playing with the wonderful Pung Chow set given to me by X for Christmas. This set had never been used before and it was an honor and a delight for us to be the first to play with it. Here are the representative tiles from this incredible set:


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Today was our annual Mah Jongg holiday party. J’s apartment was beautifully decorated for the holidays and we took the time to catch up with one another and talk about everything under the sun before we started playing since we knew that it would be a couple of weeks before we were together again. Of course, presents were opened and there were so many! J gave us all a beautiful notepad and pen as well as a yummy lime and mango salsa from Gunther’s in Texas.image

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