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…including lots of Jokers…on this Christmas holiday!

Our dear friend Meredith bought this wonderful Christmas set last year  –

and she decorated her card table to reflect the season’s greetings:

And so, in the spirit of the holiday, we send good wishes and happy thoughts to all of you for a very



I know so many of you are interested in teaching your children and grandchildren the wonderful game of Mah Jongg but just are not sure as to how to do it. Well, good news is here! Sally Jo Rudnick of www.MahJonggNetwork.com has developed a wonderful Mah Jongg Junior card offering Mah Jongg fun for all ages. Not only is it well-designed to attract the (much) younger generation, but it definitely will help children ease into the game. Perhaps it also might work for the very senior people who want to learn the game but are having a difficult time understanding the suits, the Dragons, the hands on the card, etc. 

I am so impressed with Sally Jo and her great idea. The card is hot off the presses and to be among the first to get yours and start teaching the next generation of Mah Jongg winners, contact Sally Jo at www.MahJonggNetwork.com.

Some of the benefits of the card are:

  • Easy to Read Card Design.
  • Fun and Challenging Hands.
  • Rules are included on the back of the Card.
  • New Yearly Cards are mailed to you each November.
  • FREE Shipping!

Here’s a preview of Sally Jo’s creation (I have redacted the better part of the hands as the card is proprietary – get your own to see these wonderfully easy and teachable hands for yourself). And, as an added incentive, by purchasing this card you will be helping to support the JCC and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

To receive your card in time for Chanukah and Christmas, be sure to place your order NOW!


I was wondering what post I should do for the Christmas and Chanukah holidays when, thanks to Joy H, the following wonderful – and, oh-so-clever! – poem arrived in my mailbox (along with other wonderful gifts which you can see below the poem). Much thanks to Joy and wishing all of you a very merry Christmas and a very happy Chanukah!!img_2003A wonderful gift bag and a dancing angel…img_2006A fabulous Mah Jongg pin but it was presented so beautifully that I wanted you to see the packaging…img_2007And the pièce de résistance…Joyful body lotion from the most joyous of all…our dear friend, Joy!img_2008


Alex Chang has created the perfect holiday gift for all of your favorite Mah Jongg players. It’s a Holiday Mahjong set and you can find it on Etsy at http://tinyurl.com/h94o6q5 , But hurry if you are interested in buying this for your favorite Mah Jongger…this is a limited edition set.




Our friend Lee has come up with some fabulous Mah Jongg accessories and they are available in her Etsy store. With the holidays looming in front of us (Chanukah, Christmas, etc.), check out these darling gift items. BTW, these are the perfect hostess gifts for your Mah Jongg-playing friends!

Mah Jongg Cocktail NapkinsScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.44.23 AM

And Mah Jongg Guest Towels
Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.44.45 AM


My Mah Jongg-playing friend from the Upper Westside  – Linda G – sent this to me. I have tried to find the author but, no luck. And so, without any attribution, here it is – enjoy!

Jewish Santa

‘Twas the night before Christmas and down here in Boca,
I was sitting at Starbucks, drinking my mocha.
I know we’re all Jewish, but was wondering still,
if Santa would come here and give us a thrill.

On my way home, no Christmas lights did I see,
on the houses, the windows, not even the trees.
What a strange feeling. Not a decoration in sight.
Was it really December or a warm summer’s night?

I drove past Toojay’s, there were lines out the door.
People were waiting for kishka and more.
The restaurants were busy, Christmas dinners not planned.
Never, not here we’re in Boca Land.

At home all was quiet. I left out Kosher wine,
In case Santa came to Boca for the very first time.
Snoozing came easy to me Christmas Eve.
I wasn’t waiting for presents to be left under a tree.

I could hope all I want.  I could fuss and then see,
if Santa would make time for little old me.
Then all of a sudden he pulled up in his Jag,
with a sack full of presents each sporting a tag.

Oh Bloomies, oh Saks, Oh Neiman’s, and more.
He knows where to shop, he frequents my stores!
He looked for the lox, the bagels and deli.
He came to Boca first to fill up his belly!

“I have a long night ahead,  I want you to know.
From Boca I leave for New York and the snow.”

He stayed for a while, he chatted and ate.
Then he left in a flash before it got late.
What a great night I thought with a sigh
That jolly old Santa is a really nice guy.

As I cleared off the table I heard with delight
“Shalom to you all, and OY, what a night!