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MAH JONGG in and around BERKELEY, CA

Here’s more information from our friend and Mahj teacher, Toby Salk, on Mah Jongg opportunities in Berkeley. You can connect with Toby and get all of her information through her website.


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For all of you in the Los Angeles area, I have some good news today. There is a wonderful teacher by the name of Johni Levene who is just about to start a new series of classes.

Johni charges $150 per person for the beginner series of 4 lessons with each  2 hour lesson given once a week. Johni supplies the card, all study materials and a practice set. She usually teach 3 classes per session and she is just getting ready to start a new series so the timing is right! If you are interested, you can reach Johni at Lajohni@aol.com or call her directly at 310.459.5328.

If you are a Mah Jongg teacher – or know of one – let me know so that I might alert future players who would like to become your students!