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I just spoke with the very delightful Lynn Chorn, the new owner of the fantastic website, www.wherethewindsblow.com. She only has FOUR copies left of this wonderful souvenir book from the Project Mah Jongg exhibit. Lynn told me that she has contacted the publisher, 2wice Arts Foundation, but they have no more copies to sell. So, if you are interested in this special book – and at a very reduced price – contact Lynn right away because these books are going, going…gone soon!


Yesterday I posted about Crak Bam Dot Mah Jonggthe fabulous catalogue from the Project Mah Jongg exhibit currently on view at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Several readers of this column alerted me to the fact that the museum is all sold out of this great souvenir book but that it is currently available on the wonderful website, WhereThe WindsBlow, and being sold for a steal of a price at $39.75, including shipping!


Much thanks to Diane G and Katie A, two great friends to this blog, who alerted me to this great sale!


Recently I heard about a discussion concerning a book called Crak Bam Dot Mah Jongg by 2wice Arts Foundation that is up for sale on Amazon for around $160.  Suddenly I realized what book they were discussing – it is the catalogue sold in the bookstores/gift shops of the museums that have shown the exhibit, Project Mah Jongg.

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