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Every once in a while a terrific new Mah Jongg product comes along that we had not seen before. Well, it has happened again with this great idea from the team of Dora and Donna at Modern Mahjong – finally…dice that make sense to use for our beloved game! Check this out:Yes! These are Mah Jongg dice! And they can be yours simply by going to Dara and Donna’s website at www.mahjongdice.com OR emailing them at modernmahjong@gmail.com. These wonderful dice come in several different styles and colors and are just a fabulous gift to give to your favorite Mah Jongg player (who might just be YOURSELF!). These special dice will elevate the beauty of your game, whether you play with a new set or an amazing vintage one.

How nice it is to support these two best friends who bring their entrepreneurial spirit to our Mah Jongg community!


A few months ago my friend Dee Dee gave me these absolutely fabulous round dice! You wouldn’t think that they would work but there is a little weight inside of each one that allows them to fall perfectly on the table and not roll around. Here you can see that they are approximately the same size as traditional dice.



Then just the other day I received an email from Dee Dee’s darling daughter (how’s that for alliteration?!) sending me a photo of a huge container of these babies along with a note from Dee Dee letting me know that she had purchased quite a few. Such fun! Hmmm…I wonder if I can convince her to sell a few to me…


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Year of the joker tile_s

As you may know, 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Lynn from Where the Winds Blow is offering a really great deal on this gold glitter Year of the Horse Mah Jongg set should you need to commemorate this equine year. As Lynn has suggested, a wedding, graduation, birth, whatever! Read on for specifics about this special offer… Continue reading


Yesterday was Mah Jongg Wednesday and S2 hosted. We skipped getting together last week because everyone was out of town and it was so good to get back together – wow – skipping a week seems like we skipped months!! J is still in Europe and we all can’t wait to see her and catch up on her travels upon her return next week.

S2 prepared a beautiful lunch – as always – and the table was also beautifully set. We all enjoyed a wonderful poached salmon with a delicious cucumber sauce along with an Israeli cous cous salad. Dessert was a fabulous apple crisp but I was so busy enjoying it that I forgot to take a picture!

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A CHarli Joker – or as she puts it, “Simply the Best!”photo 1

It wasn’t long after I had learned how to play Mah Jongg that I began lusting after a vintage set. I did some research and found the website of the incomparable and incredible CHarli. We started emailing back and forth and CHarli (aka Carol Ann Harper) was amazing – so patient and kind as she advised me on which sets would be best for me.  We finally settled on a gorgeous Royal Depth Control set which, to this day, is my favorite set to bring out for our Mah Jongg Wednesday’s game. Because this was my first vintage set, it will always be my sentimental favorite. CHarli included beautiful Jokers (her design, of course!) and a lovely note thanking me for my purchase, or should I say, adoption, of this set. The set is in perfect condition which is true with everything that CHarli sells. I love, love, love playing Mah Jongg with this gorgeous set and always think of CHarli fondly every time it comes out.

photo 1

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photo 4

Here’s an interesting set that has left me quite confused!

The top on this lovely wood box slides back to reveal its treasures.

photo 1

Take a look at the lovely Bone and Bamboo tiles (everything except for the Bam suit in this photo):

photo 3

There is a tiny wood box with a sliding top that reveals 4 teeny tiny dice.


But to get a real sense of how small these dice really are, take a look at them next to a set of regulation-size dice:



The beautifully carved Flowers remind me that spring is just around the corner (hopefully!):

photo 2

Now, let’s take a look at the Bam suit. For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I know the answer to this suit lies out there with many of you – please let me know what is going on here!

photo 4

Lastly, a shot of how the thin bone layer is dove-tailed onto the bamboo:

photo 5