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A faithful reader of this blog, DianeG, has sent in an explanation of what to do
when your 4th player doesn’t show up and you don’t want to play without a
Charleston. Please note: in this picture the book the middle dog is reading is “How to
Play Mah Jongg.” And it looks as if the little white doggie doesn’t really know how to play
because he is about to cheat!


Toby Salk, a great friend of this blog and a wonderful Mah Jongg teacher in Berkeley and
throughout the Bay¬†Area, sent this fun picture of a cat “playing” Mah Jongg. I wonder if Toby
was the cat’s teacher (since she is already considered to be the “cat’s meow” by all of her
Is your pet a part of your games? Send pictures and they will be posted! We recently heard from
Dianne G who wrote to us about the following:

“Most in our group have dogs. When we only have 3 available to play, the game goes on. We deal a hand to the 4th chair and call that player by the name of the resident dog. We do a blind Charleston (not in the official rules, we know) then return that player’s (Shasha, Chili, Rosie, Pepper, or whoever) tiles to the wall and finish playing the game of “threesies”. All for fun and laughs. This way the game goes on and we still get practice in playing the card.”