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Remember the postings last week about Gail and Toby, the Mah Jongg mavens who have been friends since high school? If you recall, I posted a story about them traveling cross-country in a van that once had been owned by Don Ed Hardy, the famed tattoo artist.

The other day I received a message from Gail:  Ann: I can’t believe what I found today. Life is full of some amazing coincidences. It’s a bracelet. Toby knows nothing about it yet. Unless we leave the purgatory of phone tag and actually talk, she may first find out about it from your blog! I found it in the little section of vintage goods at a nursery Paul and I frequent. I took it off to shower, sleep, and for yoga class – otherwise it hasn’t left my wrist.

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So, I need to write this here one more time in honor of our dear friends, Gail and Toby:

Make new friends

but keep the old.

One is silver

and the other’s gold.

A circle is round,

it has no end.

That’s how long

I want to be your friend.



An update to yesterday’s posting…I heard from our dear friend Toby Salk who had a wonderful and very heartwarming story to add to that great photo. It reminded me of this short poem:

“Make new friends but keep the old… One is silver and the other gold.”

Here is what Toby wrote to me:

“Gail asked me to learn to play in the ’70s when I arrived in San Francisco. We had driven cross country with everything I owned in 4 cartons. The van we came in was owned by the renowned tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy. When Gail asked me to learn she got a stubborn, flat out NO. BUT Gail can be more stubborn than me and here we are almost 40 years later, playing and teaching and still the best of friends.”

Thanks to Toby for sharing with us a great story about a great friendship – I’d love to hear from all of you about your long-lasting Mah Jongg friendships! 

Our friend Gail has shared a wonderful photo with us and based on what she said about Ruth and her cooking and baking skills, I wish I could be there right now! Gail – we know that whatever she serves will be fabulous but please tell us about her game play…a great cook and a great Mah Jongg player – that’s a real double threat!


Gail wrote: “Here are some of my regular Monday group members, playing at the home of our red-shirted hostess Ruth. She has cooked and baked professionally for much of her life, so let me tell you – there is eager anticipation all around when she hosts.

 This Rottgames set is the one Toby bought for me 40+ years ago, and it wasn’t until last autumn that I finally overcame sentimental value and replaced the NMJL joker stickers with beautiful new ones.”

Don’t forget to share your Mah Jongg photos with me so I can post them on this blog!