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Q.  I was East, and when I picked up all my tiles, I had Mah Jongg!  Now what?

A.  The NMJL rules state “First Charleston compulsory – three passes (right, across, left).” Unfortunately, it does NOT state “First Charleston compulsory – unless you have Mah Jongg.”

So unless – and until – the NMJL changes this rule….that’s how we will proceed. But WOW!  In all my years playing Mah Jongg, I have never seen this happen.  What a conundrum.
Thanks to Gladys Grad, “The Grand Master of American-Style Mah Jongg Tournaments.” Visit her site at Mah Jongg Madness.



The tiles in a Mah Jongg Game set can also be used as an oracle to interpret the future, should you wish to do so. This is because each unique tile in the set has a symbolism or meaning.

An oracle naturally requires an interpreter if the meaning of its secrets are to be divined. The person who performs this role is known as the “diviner” and the person who wishes to have a reading, is known as the “querent”.

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Yesterday was my turn to host our weekly Mah Jongg game. Even though it was freezing outside, everyone showed up. I had a great time preparing our cold weather lunch; pictures and recipes will be posted later.

We started out our day by playing with the wonderful Pung Chow set given to me by X for Christmas. This set had never been used before and it was an honor and a delight for us to be the first to play with it. Here are the representative tiles from this incredible set:


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Madame Mahj has done it again! How cute are these MIniature Wrap-Ups?!! The package contains 30 different vintage Mah Jongg tile designs plus a glue stick. All you have to do is provide the mini-chocolate bars (I used Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures), glide the glue stick across the edge, wrap the tile design tightly around the chocolate bar, and press the glued edge down lightly. As Madame Mahj explains, the wrapper designs are inspired by vintage Cardinal, Crisloid, Eastern, ES Lowe, Gimbles, Macy’s, Met, Pung Chow, Rottgames, Royal Games, and Ten Flowers Mah Jongg sets. Continue reading