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Frugal Nurse mahjong I recently happened upon a website called Frugal Nurse.  Several years ago this Frugal Nurse site published a posting about the healing power of Mah Jongg. Since I have been posting a number of articles recently about Mah Jongg being good for our health, I thought yet another article could never be too many! So, here it is from the woman who seeks better health for all of us, written on New Year’s Eve, 2012…and keep on playing Mah Jongg! Continue reading

The Ten Commandments of Mah Jongg!

Keep these commandments holy!


I have tried to find the original source for this very funny – but true! – posting. I found my way to the JewishJournal.com and then to the wonderful Mahj blogs on their site written by the prolific Mah Jongg “professor,” Elaine Sandberg. Scrolling through her blogs it would seem that our friends at Mah Jongg Madness are credited as the authors for these Ten Commandments.

Or perhaps the Ten Commandments of Mah Jongg were just sent down by the heavens above!