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I received an email today from my dear friend J. With the email came the photo below and an explanation. J has been playing Mah Jongg for the past few months with a very experienced and fun group of women who have a $30 pie and with the values on the card doubled up to the nearest quarter. While cleaning out her closet, and the purses inside, she came across her most recent winnings. WOW!!! Check out all of her winning coins and bills!And who says that Mah Jongg is a waste of time?!!!

But there is more to this story…just to show you that J is into the game not for the money (even though that is always an additional benefit) but for the friendship that we all enjoy when we play. She is now also in a group with a $4.00 pie. This week she won $2.00 and is as proud of those winnings as she is with all of the money in the photo because the people in this group are so special. Let me say it again…Mah Jongg people are the best!

Just remember…And the most important thing to remember: