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Our good friend, Bettyann, posed a question to the NMJL and the answer she received is not what most of us believe to be fair play. Here it is:

Calling tiles- 1st to call or 1st to expose?

Last year my friends called the NMJL for clarification on two people calling for a tile for an exposure and this is the response they got. When 2 players call at the same time, normally the player next in turn gets the tile, however, if the other player has already exposed their tiles on the rack, that player gets the tile. Yesterday the same scenario occurred and they called the NMJL again. This time the response was oh no, the player next in turn always gets the tile. There appears to be some contradiction on this ruling.

Please send me your comments and interpretation on this scenario. Both Bettyann and I are looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this controversy.


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A reader of this blog, Charlotte B., sent in several questions. At first they seemed to warrant very easy answers but on further analysis, we realized that the two questions were much more complicated than they initially had seemed. Fortunately, the question arrived at a perfect time – the day before the OMs (the Original Mahjettes) held our weekly Wednesday Mah Jongg get-together. We discussed the questions during lunch and then again at the Mahj table and we finally all agreed on the answer.

A follow-up phone call to the very helpful people at the NMJL validated our answer which follows.

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