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I received a message from Suzie from the 4 Winds MahJongg League. She chimed in on the NMJL’s controversial ruling:

It has always been my understanding that the next person in line gets the tile, EXCEPT……..if the other person is calling the tile for Mahjongg. Then they are entitled to that tile. I teach it that way and we play it that way. I would recommend that you not be so quick to expose your tiles…once exposed and if you are incorrect as in this case, not being entitled to the tile….you are “dead” and out of the game….

Certainly a good idea to not be so quick to expose your tiles – not only to prevent being incorrect but also to play politely and in the friendly manner we all strive to attain. It’s a game!

Let’s remember…this is just a game and no matter what, we must have fun while we play.


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I was invited back to join in a Sunday game with some of the ladies who live in my building. This is serious game play since most of these ladies have been playing Mah Jongg for around 50 years. Playing with this group is great for my game – although not for my wallet! – because the games are played with lightning speed. You have to be really sharp to play with these ladies. The good news is that one of their table rules is that you can only lose $5 maximum during the day.

But yesterday was a good Mah Jongg day for me – I ended up winning around $3.00 and generally was happy with my game play. But, before I post some of the winning hands, you might remember from the last time I played with this group that I posted the coin bag that A had needlepointed. Yesterday I noticed that not only did she have a needlepointed Mah Jongg coin bag but she had also had made a matching case for her glasses. And here it is:IMG_1556 Continue reading