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Even though I am still on a walker and/or a cane as I recover from knee replacement surgery, I wanted to host our Wednesday Mah Jongg game with the OMs this week. But since I am not yet ready to put together some exotic meal, I did the next best thing – FRESH DIRECT!

If you don’t know about Fresh Direct, check out their website – and hopefully they deliver to your area. Their food and their service are terrific and they are truly a lifesaver.

Early this morning the Fresh Direct delivery arrived:


As always, everything was there and looking good.

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Yesterday was our weekly game day and it was X’s turn to host. We all are big fans of Fresh Direct – X ordered in their fabulous Southwest Chicken Salad, which she doctored up to make it ever better. On the side was Fresh Direct’s delicious cornbread. Dessert was fresh strawberries and blueberries with Fresh Direct’s new gluten free brownies and blondies – and they are really good! Of course, our Mah Jongg games would be nothing without the requisite big bowl of black licorice!

First we played with a vintage bone and bamboo set – absolutely magnificent – and we were especially careful not to drop any of the tiles on the carpet as X’s wonderful dog loves anything made of BONE! Duh!!


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