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The other day I posted a wonderful image that had come from Toby Salk‘s email – and a number of you wondered where she could have found such a fabulous picture. Well, the mystery is solved thanks to the marvelous Annelise Heinz, who is definitely an authority when it comes to American culture and Mah Jongg.

Annelise sent me an email with the following message: “…this image is actually from my article, “Performing Mahjong in the 1920s: White Women, Chinese Americans, and the Fear of Cultural Seduction,” which was published in 2016 in Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies. Isn’t it an amazing image?? I begin the article by talking about the meaning we can draw from it, in the context of the 1920s mahjong fad.”

If you are interested in reading this article, head on over to Annelise’s website where you will find a link to the article. From there, you can access the article at no cost if you are using a computer at a library that has a subscription to the database, or you can sign up for a 2-week trial and access it for free. If none of this works for you, Annelise is kind enough to let us contact her directly via the website and she will share a pdf.

And now, here is that amazing image once again: