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Yesterday I received my January edition of the monthly newsletter from the website Mah Jongg Madness.

I look forward to this monthly emailing, particularly the section called Mah Jongg University, devoted to answering Mah Jongg game play questions. The questions are answered by Gladys Grad, known as the “Grand Master of American-style Mah Jongg Tournaments.” Many a “discussion” at our weekly games are settled by the answers Gladys gives in this column. Here is a great question and answer from this month’s newsletter:

Q.  When a player puts their exposed tiles on the rack, should they put them in order as they appear on the card?  One person in our game said “no.”  (That just sounded rude.) The same person will ask us to separate our kongs, etc.  Is there a rule requiring you to put them in order?  Marilyn
A.  You do NOT have to put your exposures in order …unless you have exposed your whole hand for mahj – and then only if another player asks you to do so.  In a tournament, if you have mahj and you refuse to put the tiles in order upon request, then you will be declared “dead.”
     However, it is just common courtesy to separate your exposures, especially upon request.

STRATEGY NOTE:  If you have more than one exposure on your rack, you really don’t want to make it easier for the other players to know what hand you’re playing…. so expose the tiles out of order.  You also don’t want to make it easier for them to play defensively.  

If you are interested in receiving this monthly newsletter, be sure to join the Mah Jongg Madness website. And if you have a question about game play, email it to Gladys and perhaps you will see it published in one of her future newsletters.



Here’s a special message sent from our friends at Mah Jongg Madness and definitely worth putting up on this site:


Congratulations to RUTH UNGER, President of the National Mah Jongg Leagueas she begins her 50th YEAR with the NMJL in 2014.

As a reminder to the hundreds of thousands of players playing our favorite game – the NMJL contributes directly to charitable organizations across the country benefiting victims of Alzheimers, Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Epilepsy, Muscular Dystrophy;…and contributing to hospitals, universities, religious, educational and rehabilitation organizations, and so much more.

Thanks to Gladys and Phil for this nice message.


We play Mah Jongg on boring old card tables – wouldn’t it be fun to play on a Mah Jongg table like this?


I mentioned that J’s apartment was beautifully decorated – take a look at how pretty everything looked…


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It was my turn to host our weekly luncheon and Mah Jongg game and for once in my life I didn’t feel like cooking so I ordered – IMHO – the best pizza in the city from Farinella Pizza. Roman pizza with all sorts of different toppings – double YUM!