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My dear friend Sandra has been very busy lately – I just went on her website and couldn’t get over the amount of new and fabulous Mah Jongg-related items she has up for sale. I’m putting together my list of all the things I want and, as I wrote above, I’m in trouble…I want it all!

For example, have you seen her wonderful Mahjong Mask Holders? I can’t decide which one I like best so I might have to order all of them (see what I mean…I am in trouble!) because I suspect we will be wearing our masks for still quite a while.

And how about these great key chains – at their price they are great little gifts for all of your Mah Jongg-playing friends.

Now I know this next piece of jewelry – the inspirational necklace – is not necessarily Mah Jongg-related but I have a feeling they might bring good luck to the wearer at the MJ table! Besides, I just love them…I wonder if Sandra would consider two or three of the charms on one leather cord…

Well, I have a lot of shopping to do on Sandra’s site so here is her Etsy address if you are interested in doing some browsing – and shopping! – for wonderful Mah Jongg jewelry and other types of goodies. BTW, Sandra is the best – you will love her!


I wear glasses to read and, of course, to play Mah Jongg. Take a look at this cute eyeglass leash:


I think these are so cute and so clever  – and a great little gift for your Mah Jongg-playing friends. This eyeglass leash came from a company called Gehazi Collections located in my very own home town, Detroit, Michigan! Who knew?! Their tag line is Gemstone and Mah Jongg Jewelry – The New Face of Mah Jongg Jewelry. On the invoice was written: Gehazi means valley of vision. May your life be touched by the inspiration that comes from the valley of vision. 

Check out their website featuring Mah Jongg jewelry – www.gehazi.com