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The OMs didn’t get together for Mah Jongg Wednesday this week because S1, S2, and I all went to a luncheon and then a lecture by Maureen Footer on George Stacey. With three OMs missing from the weekly game, and because we were all together on Monday for a birthday luncheon feting S1, S2, and J (all November birthday gals), we won’t play again until next week. However, I never did post photos from last week’s game at S2’s apartment so, here they are. It was a truncated game day for me as we had our book launch that evening and I had to bow out of Mah Jongg early on. But here is a quick look at our fun day:

We started out with a wonderful tomato soup, followed by a delicious quiche and a fabulous tossed salad.

IMG_2340 IMG_2341

Then our game play began. Take a look at this gorgeous set – these tiles really are quite spectacular.


Check out the fabulous Joker in the middle of my rack – these were carved by the one and only Dee Gallo to match the tiles in the set


And here is one of the winning hands from my brief day of Mah Jongg:

Here is FFFF 1111 33 5555 from the 13579 section of the card:


Another glimpse of this hand which shows more of these beautiful tiles form the set –

IMG_2351I did get to play a couple more hands but apparently I didn’t take photos – I was getting very excited about the evening’s book launch and I think that was the only thing on my mind.