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Oh, boy – look what just came in the mail (and perfectly wrapped, I might add):

IMG_0697From the amazingly talented Kristin Marin, the owner and cookie designer of Suga Me Sweet, came these breathtakingly beautiful cookies. And they are big, too – lots of bites of deliciousness in each cookie! Her enclosed business card proclaims, “Almost too pretty to eat!” and I must agree. They look absolutely yummy but they are so gorgeous that I think I am going to freeze them and save them for special gifts for my Mah Jongg students on the last day of class. Or perhaps I will serve them to the OMs when I host our lunch and game play on the 15th of this month. Or, maybe¬† – probably – I will just keep them for my myself!¬† OMG, I am so excited about these cookies – Kristin, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

And, if you would like to order cookies from Kristin, here is her information. It is really hot out there this week and yet these cookies arrived in perfect condition so there is no need to worry that they will be spoiled by the shipping. Kristin really knows how to package these babies. These are the PERFECT gift for any occasion and for any Mah Jongg player!