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When Jan E was visiting she brought me a gift of fabulous Lake Champlain Chocolates that she had wrapped up in custom Mah Jongg labels. I just loved those labels (and the chocolates, of course!) and wanted more of them. I searched around and ended up at an eBay store called FavorsXpress run by a terrific lady, Suzanne. 

And here’s the great thing about Suzanne’s labels – she has six different Mah Jongg-related photos you can choose from AND you can have different wording on the sides of the labels such as your website or your email address or the name of your Mah Jongg group or…whatever!

I am loving these labels/wrappers – much thanks to Suzanne!

IMG_0867 IMG_0870 IMG_0881The labels come on strips of paper; you peel off the label and apply to the candies with the sticky side down. So easy! And so fabulous! Can’t wait to hand these out to my students!




Madame Mahj has done it again! How cute are these MIniature Wrap-Ups?!! The package contains 30 different vintage Mah Jongg tile designs plus a glue stick. All you have to do is provide the mini-chocolate bars (I used Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures), glide the glue stick across the edge, wrap the tile design tightly around the chocolate bar, and press the glued edge down lightly. As Madame Mahj explains, the wrapper designs are inspired by vintage Cardinal, Crisloid, Eastern, ES Lowe, Gimbles, Macy’s, Met, Pung Chow, Rottgames, Royal Games, and Ten Flowers Mah Jongg sets. Continue reading