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Irma may have caused an unbelievable amount of pain and destruction but Mah Jongg players are tougher than any hurricane! 

Even before the hurricane arrived, this is what our friend PJ saw out her window –But PJ and her MJ-playing friends were not about to abandon their game. The power flickered and then went off and so, a couple of hours before game time, the candles came out and PJ and friends were prepared to play a romantic candlelit game of Mah Jongg!

Fortunately, as PJ has told me, “we were very lucky to come through Irma’s “little” visit unscathed.  Our power and water came back on around dinner time so that we did not have to play our weekly Mah Jongg game by candlelight! I might add, our hurricane shutters were still up and the four of us were beyond total exhaustion.”

But, as any devoted Mah Jongg player will attest, the game must go on!