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A truly sweet story from my dear friend, Cook. I thought you would enjoy this delightful remembrance as much as I do every time I read it…

 My wonderful Mother and Aunt had a rotating group of players from high school days and when it was our turn as hostess night, my sisters and brother and I fell asleep happy hearing the tile ‘slapping’ and the laughter of the ladies. Years later, when many of the original group had either passed away or moved away, the remaining were all on medication and would discuss ailments, foods they could not eat, etc. They decided to have one more game at our house, where the tradition had started 48 years before, as several were leaving the city soon for various reasons. My quiet, serious Father decided the event might become too grim so off he went to Katz’s Deli for sour pickles, pastrami sandwiches on seeded rye with mustard, cole slaw, desserts and Dr. Brown’s root beer/black cherry sodas and served them at games’ end…in black tie! Laughter erupted, pills were forgotten, husbands (including those whose wives had passed away and who my Father had invited as a further surprise) suddenly appeared and the eating and singing and joke-telling went on till early morning…no one wanted to leave…and, once again, they were young and together…ah, the magic of that game!  AND you carry on the tradition with style!