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As promised, here are the recipes from this past Wednesday’s Mah Jongg lunch chez moi:

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Mah Jongg Tournament! Breakfast! Lunch! Prizes!


Good friends of mine sent me this information about a tournament out on Long Island. I suspect this will be lots of fun – if you live on the Island, think about attending this tournament – breakfast, lunch and a Mah Jongg tournament with money prizes – all for $45 and a good cause, at that? What could be better?!!

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Since yesterday was my turn to host our weekly Mah Jong game and the weather is going “polar vortex” (a fancy way to say that it is really, really cold!), I decided to serve a true cold weather lunch. Using recipes from the Barefoot Contessa, I made her body-warming Tomato Soup. So easy and so delicious.

I needed something to serve with the soup and then I remembered an episode of Barefoot Contessa on The Food Network in which she had tried many different ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches but had finally come up with what she called “The Ultimate Grilled Cheese.” I thought that would be a perfect complement to the tomato soup so I brought out the panini maker (why I own this I really don’t know – I think I have used it all of once before) and made those sandwiches. Continue reading


It’s been a while since we were all together because the holidays really “interfered” with our game play…K was in Michigan and then off to Paris, J was in Florida, S was in Sag Harbor, X was up North…it was just impossible to find a date when we could all play Mahj. Now S is leaving for California and will be gone for a month so we decided to have two games this week – a Monday send-off game at K’s for S and then our regular game day of Wednesday. Because several OM’s had to leave early today, we started the day off at 9:30 am! K greeted us with a fabulous breakfast – Greek yogurt, blueberries, bananas, raisins and nuts.

Of course, there was coffee and tea.

And then we grabbed our plates and cups and took it all to the table as we said, “Let the games begin!”

K started out the day with a hand she thought could be an Atomic winner. Sadly, that didn’t work out for her although it looked good at first.

S also considered going Atomic but changed her mind just as we began to play. She also didn’t wind up with a good result.

As soon as the Charleston was over, my tiles made the decision for me as to what direction I should take.

As you can see by the few tiles out on the table, it wasn’t long before my hand was really shaping up.

A few rounds later it was my turn to push my wall out and at the same time it was also my turn to pick a tile. Much to my surprise – and everyone else’s – it was a Joker and I was able to declare Mah Jongg! Wow, that was fast!

Now it was X’s turn to surprise everyone – as the Charleston ended she declared herself Atomic and added that she only needed one tile!

We were all holding our breath because we couldn’t possibly know which tile she needed and as the game went on you could feel the tension growing! Even X was getting nervous!! There were lots of Winds already exposed and so J felt safe throwing out an East…and that was it – X declared an Atomic Mah Jongg! Hurrah!!

Um…this picture doesn’t have any real Mah Jongg meaning – I just wanted to show off my new bracelet I received from P as an early birthday present!

Meanwhile, K was in the kitchen preparing a delicious lunch: egg salad, smoked salmon, and dill sandwiches on thick and wonderful dark bread along with a big bowl of Israeli cous cous filled with lots of yummy ingredients such as olives, peas, scallions, etc.

And because K, J, and I are all from Michigan, K always has a special treat for us: Vernor’s Ginger Ale!

And now I’ve saved the best picture for last…it’s Roxie, K’s fabulous dog!

We’ll all be together again on Wednesday (sans S and Roxie!) for our regular game day and this time I will be hosting…


For those Mah Jongg playing people living in New York, we know Monday is a day to join Mah Jongg teacher extraordinaire Linda Feinstein at her weekly Manhattan Mah Jongg Club event. For years she has held court in Sam’s restaurant on 1st Avenue every Monday over literally dozens and dozens of tables of four who quickly devour a delicious buffet lunch and then get down to the business of serious Mah Jongg games. Around 2:15 or so, snacks are put down on the counter and the players stretch their legs, get a fresh cuppa, a piece of licorice and then quickly return to their game table. A New York tradition in the making…

And then, just before Christmas, we received an email from Linda that Sam had decided to close his restaurant and that would be the end of our Monday Mah Jongg madness.

But if you know Linda then you know that this wasn’t going to get her down. She is tenacious and focused, among her many other wonderful character traits. And so, not surprisingly, we received another email from Linda just a few moments ago – a new venue has been secured and the tradition continues!

Congratulations, Linda!

Here’s the new information: Grata Restaurant located at 1076 First Avenue (between 58th and 59th)   212.842.0007

If you happen to be in New York and feel the urge to join in a great Mah Jongg game (Mondays from 11:45 am to 3:45 pm) with some really friendly people, send Linda an email no later than each Thursday to be a part of the coming week’s Monday fun. All levels of play are welcome!


I mentioned that J’s apartment was beautifully decorated – take a look at how pretty everything looked…


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