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A while ago I posted a question from our dear friend Donna in Central California, asking how to integrate newer players into the group so that everyone is happy and no one complains. Many of you sent in your ideas – Donna was very appreciative and took your responses to heart. I love what she ended up doing and I hope some of you will try this wonderful way to integrate new players.

Here is what Donna had to say: 

Here’s what we did yesterday.  When people arrived I announced that if you would like to be a “Mah Jongg Mentor” and perhaps play a bit slower in order to help out the newer players, please sit on the left side of the room. If this wasn’t what you wanted to do, please sit on the right side of the room. There were plenty of tables on both sides. I had enough experienced players volunteer on the left side of the room.  I assigned a newer player to each table on the left side of the room and asked them not to rotate from the table and just let the experienced players rotate. That worked out fine. In fact, some of the players on the right side ended up playing on the left side and I didn’t hear any grumbling at all. I think we will continue this way and those wanting to play very competitively and quickly can just stay on the right side.
All of the suggestions posted to your wonderful column were terrific and I’m sure helped others too.
BettySue mentioned the cute little prizes that she uses. I bought a box of assorted tiles and made them into either magnets or key chains by having a hole drilled through them and use them for prizes. They are very appreciated. 
Here’s a photo of the key chains, magnets, tile coasters (very easy to make), and mug mag I have made for prizes.
BTW, stayed tuned…on the 30th – tomorrow! – I will be posting a gift for all of us!



Back in January I wrote about a teacher in the Philadelphia area by the name of Leah Feigenbaum. In August I received an email from Leah telling me about a new and exciting development:

Hi Ann – I hope you are well. Thought I would forward a new development in the world of Mah Jongg.  I teach Maj in the Philadelphia area, you were kind enough to feature me on your blog during the winter.  I am just going to copy a letter I have sent to my students below.  Check it out, maybe you would be willing to put this on your blog too. Thanks so much, Leah

I hope that you have all enjoyed my classes over the years.  One problem I have always  had  is to be able to offer enough classes in enough locations to help all the people who would love to learn this growing game of Mah Jongg.  I have exciting news to tell you.  I have partnered with some other avid Mah Jongg ladies and we have developed a website for you and your friends.
www.MahJonggMentor.com has both free and membership offerings to help you continue to power up your game.  For the beginner who cannot attend my class, there are video lessons.  This is also perfect for those needing a refresher.  These videos take it from the very beginning.  For those of you who already know how to play, there are strategy sessions and playing exercises to help you with hints and tips to improve your play and enjoy the game even more. And as we continue to expand the site, you will have access to all things Mah Jongg.  Please feel free to offer suggestions of what you would like to see and learn.

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