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Although a couple of the OMs (S1 and S2) are away for the summer, we were still able to get together at J’s home on Wednesday. She made a wonderful lunch – gazpacho and a delicious chicken salad – and then we were off and running with many Mah Jongg games.

After the Charleston my hand looked just like this…I knew as soon as I exposed one of my Kongs that no one would throw out any more Winds and I had to pray that I would pick the Winds myself or else get lucky with Jokers. IMG_0827As luck would have it, I did pick up a couple of Jokers and, because it was fairly early in the game, J held her breath and hoped that I wouldn’t be able to pick up an East…lucky me, out it came…I called for it and was able to declare Mah Jongg with the WINDS & DRAGONS hand of NNNN EEEE WWWW SS!IMG_0828K won the next game with a beauty of a Quints hand with NNNNN DDDD 22222.IMG_0829At the beginning of a new game my hand was shaping up nicely after the Charleston. There was no question that I should play the 2468 hand of FF 2222 8888 DDDD but would I be able to pull it off?IMG_0831Mid-game I was still feeling pretty good…IMG_0832…until X declared Mah Jongg with this CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of FF 1111 2222 3333 (the last 3 Dot was cut off in the photo – sorry about that!). IMG_0833Here you can see that I was happy to declare Mah Jongg with a SEVEN HANDS win of FFFF 3333 44 7777 in this game.IMG_0834With yet another game starting and the Charleston ended, I found myself looking at what could only be another SEVEN HANDS…but would I be able to collect four FLOWERS to win since I had none to start and also didn’t have any Jokers?


Lucky, lucky, lucky – look at all those Jokers I picked up to allow me to declare Mah Jongg with a SEVEN HANDS of FFFF 1111 66 7777. I should have taken a hint about my lucky streak and played the lottery that night!

IMG_0836As always, it was wonderful to be with the fabulous OMs and a great time was had by all!


Ever since I started playing Mah Jongg, I have met the most wonderful people. Of course, if you are a reader of this blog then you know how much I love my Wednesday Mah Jongg group, the OMs (Original Mahjettes). But as soon as I started writing this blog – almost a year ago! – I have met (whether in person or over the Internet) so many more truly incredible people…people I feel as if I have known for years and with the hope that our friendship will continue for years to come.

One of those people is a woman by the name of Joy Hamilton. On Friday I received a very special gift from Joy, one that I will always cherish. First there was a lovely note that meant the world to me:

Dear Ann, Please accept this small gift as a thank-you for your fabulous blog. I hope it proves to be a Lucky Bamboo pusher for you during your Mah Jongg games. Wishing you all the best with your new book! Your Mah Jongg friend, Joy Hamilton.

After I dried the tears from my eyes (seriously! This really touched me!!) I opened the package and it was the beautiful bamboo pusher (or helping hand, as some people call them) that had been made by Joy’s husband. I am so honored by this special gift and the thoughtful woman who sent it to me. Here it is:


I wish you could see this in person because this picture does not do it justice. It is really a work of art and, as I said in the heading of this posting, I am so lucky…lucky to have all of you out there supporting this blog and sending me your kind words and thoughts, not to mention this fabulous gift!

Ann xxo


I have repeatedly said that Mah Jongg people are the best people and today I was proven right once again. The woman I call the “incomparable Mah Jongg teacher, Johni Levene” was in town and we met for lunch (along with her fabulous husband, David). Three hours later we parted company, only to make plans to see one another again on Wednesday, hopefully for Johni to join the OMs for our Mah Jongg Wednesday game.  Ever meet someone and just click? Isn’t that the best feeling ever?10568870_10154491717345187_1082078754084071440_n

And here’s Johni with her darling husband, David:


What a cute couple, right?!!!


Yesterday was Mah Jongg Wednesday for the OMs (at least, for those of us that are here in the city this week!). S1 hosted and it seemed as if we hadn’t seen J in ages – it was so great to be together and catch up. Lunch was so yummy and I could kick myself because I forgot to take pictures. Sanna made a wonderful and very delicious salad along with a platter stacked high of the yummiest tuna and egg salad sandwiches – the perfect summer lunch!

I had such a great winning day and, actually, everyone had multiple wins – we had only one wall game the entire day. Here was my first win with this 369 hand of 333 666 6666 9999.

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Today is Mah Jongg Wednesday for the OMs and it is my turn to host. I have a fun menu – Gazpacho, Steak Salad with Horseradish Dressing and Pickled Red Onions, and Triple Berry Pavlova for dessert – and we are going to celebrate K’s upcoming birthday. I know she loves gazpacho and so I made a huge batch of it yesterday (but forgot to take pictures while I was making it – and you should have seen my kitchen – chopped vegetables and the juice of the fresh tomatoes everywhere!). I like a chunky style gazpacho but you could use an immersion blender to make it really smooth if you prefer it that way.

photo 1

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Yesterday, being Mah Jongg Wednesday for the OMs, we met once again at K’s home. And, as always, Roxie was so happy to see all of us.


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