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One of my star students has been practicing on the great website wwwmyjongg.net and she is conquering the new National Mah Jongg League’s 2017 card! She frequently sends me screen shots of particularly great wins…check out this one…the last hand on the card (Singles and Pairs section) worth 60 points but, since she picked it herself, she received 120 points! Nice!!

The NMJL’s new card is now uploaded onto myjongg.net and it is a great place to really get to know the card and hone your skills. Just be warned…once you start playing on myjongg.net, it is hard to stop!


One of my wonderful students sent this to me…she almost had made “The Big Hand” on the My Jongg game website. How many of you can spot right away why she was tossed out of the game?!BTW, in spite of this “beginner’s mistake,” she has become quite an accomplished Mah Jongg player! We all have slips once in a while, right?!! And I have to give her extra credit for trying to pull off this most difficult hand!


…MAH JONGG IS EVERYWHERE!!! And now mainstream America continues to celebrate the Year of the Rooster! Check this out!Our good friend Donna in Central California sent me this ad from Adidas…Adidas celebrates the Year of the Rooster with Mah Jongg tiles on their sneakers!!!


Mondays at 4:30 I teach a Mah Jongg class with four truly fun, thoughtful, delightful, and wonderful women (and I don’t mean to slight my other students – I am so fortunate to have made such incredible friends from all of my classes). Yesterday Ginny came to class a bit early with a gift for me – this wonderful recreation of our class…not only is it fabulous, as well as a perfect depiction of the women in the class but, as Ginny told me today, she whipped up this creation in less than 30 minutes. I am blown away by her creativity and artistic talents – and her friendship – and wanted to share this with all of you. Enjoy!img_2048


…Mah Jongg is everywhere! Check out this 58 across clue in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle. Do you know the answer?! Scroll down to see the completed puzzle and learn if you were correct!img_1813-jpg