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Sarah Jessica Parker touted the joys and benefits of Mah Jongg on Live with Kelly and Ryan yesterday morning.

Check out this video to hear SJP rave about her newest obsession:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjjYC8ypXk4&feature=youtu.be&a=


Happy Halloween!

(and much thanks to Toby Salk for this great picture!!).


I opened up my email yesterday morning and saw this sweet photo from my dear friend, the wonderful Toby Salk. And then I read Toby’s words below the photo…lesson learned – you never know unless you ask!

“Emily LOVES Mah Jongg!

By the way…this ROYAL set was my Aunt Rose’s 
Me: Aunt Rose, Are you still playing Mah Jongg?
Aunt Rose: No, just Scrabble.
Me: Can I have your set?
Aunt Rose: Oh, you don’t want it. It’s really old. 

Yes, Toby is definitely lucky to have this beautiful OLD set. How many of you have similar stories? Let me know and I will post those wonderful stories (and photos!) in a future blog.


Our dear friend, Toby Salk, reminded me that even the most famous people find time to play Mah Jongg! Scroll down to see Julia Roberts’ quote about our favorite game. BTW, my “sister” Johni Levene (the founder of Mah Jongg That’s It on Facebook) was Julia’s teacher so we know for sure that Julia is a top player!



Leave it to the wonderful Grand Master of American-Style Mah Jongg, the beloved Gladys Grad, to come up with this gorgeous puzzle. The holidays are really not that far off and this could be the perfect gift for your Mah Jongg-loving friends…or for yourself! Click here to order this 1000 piece Mah Jongg Masters Collage Jigsaw Puzzle (completed puzzle measures 20″ x 27″) at a special discounted price of $19.99 with free shipping (normally $24.95). 

As Gladys says, “This artistic assemblage of all-things-Mah Jongg is not only challenging…..but it’s so beautiful that you will want to frame it and hang it somewhere special; or put it under the glass top of your cocktail table.”


My students call me RackIt (!) because I am constantly reminding them to rack their tiles after they have picked from the wall. Why am I so fixated on racking the tile – and done in the proper way? Well, simply because this avoids any confusion, disagreements, and/or mistakes. But don’t take my word for it – let’s hear what the Grand Master of American-Style Mah Jongg, Gladys Grad, has to say about this issue:


Please answer this question so it can be settled with my Mah Jongg group.  When does your chance to call for a discarded tile end?  I think we have some misinformation afloat.

A.  You can claim a discard before the next player picks and RACKS their next tile. If they click the tile ON their rack, it does NOT count.

If they hold it (even for a long time), it does NOT count.

Putting their picked tile on the table in FRONT of their rack does NOT count.

And in order to claim the tile that you have already RACKED and that you don’t want to lose to someone who is claiming the last discard….make sure you RACK IT FULLY ON THE SLANTED PORTION OF YOUR RACK.

Much thanks to the wonderful Gladys Grad!