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Today’s posting is asking for your help on three separate matters…but first, a quick word about some truly amazing customer service. I had ordered something from Where the Winds Blow and there was a problem with what I received – or so I thought. I sent an email to the website thinking that it could be days before I heard back, as is usually the case with most online shops. Not five minutes later I heard from Lynn, the new owner of Where the Winds Blow. Not only was Lynn incredibly apologetic for any inconvenience I might have experienced (I really wasn’t inconvenienced at all), she took care of the problem immediately. My head is still spinning from this kind of customer service – I am so used to hassles and problems and this was such a pleasant outcome, quickly and easily resolved. I give Where the Winds Blow my highest recommendation and encourage all of you to support this full-service online Mah Jongg store and Lynn, a truly wonderful believer in great customer service!

And now, on to today’s issues…

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Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am over the moon for Pung Chow Mah Jongg sets.  Pung Chow was a company based in Worcester, Massachusetts (with another factory in New York) and only in existence for 3 years from 1922 – 1925 before declaring bankruptcy. But in those three short years they manufactured some very unusual and very beautiful Mah Jongg sets. Although they made sets out of wood, I am crazy about the two-toned pyralin tiles with their ivory colored fronts and shiny black backs. And the Flowers are just too fabulous – the little men, sometimes just outlined in black but every once in a while beautifully colored. Here are three identical sets in sweet black boxes with four small drawers holding the counters and other accessories and then one large drawer holding the tiles.

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These three sets have the black outlined Flowers. But of course, the trademarked Silver Dragon can be found in any and all Pung Chow sets. And the shiny black backs are part of the Pung Chow two-toned look.

photo 3

The Dots are beautiful and the One Bam is the swooping crane that I have discussed previously – with just a hint of a smile on its face. The pyralin substance really does simulate the color of ivory and it maintains its color over time.

photo 2

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