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For all of you going to the Destination Mah Jongg World Championship tournament in Las Vegas on July 22 – 24, good news came out today from Fern Oliphant:  “I am happy to report that Destination Mah Jongg will bring Master Points to the Mah Jongg World Championship and we are very excited about the NEWS…Time to celebrate🀄♥”Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.58.33 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.04.35 PM


As promised in yesterday’s posting, here is how  you qualify for the different Mah Jongg Master ranks:

Q. What are the Ranks?

A. Just like other player-ranking systems throughout the world, players receive a rank associated with their achievements:

                                                                 MAH JONGG MASTERS

         ● White Tile Master (<5 Points)

● Green Tile Master (5+ Points)   

Red Tile Master (10+ Points)   

● Black Tile Master (25+ Points)   ,

, Bamboo Tile Master (50+ Points)  

   Flower Tile Master (75+ Points)    

 ● Silver Tile Master (100+ Points)     

 Gold Tile Master (200+ Points)  

● Jade Tile Master (300+ Points)   

● Green Dragon Master (399+ Points)     

● Red Dragon Master (500+ Points)    

● White Dragon Master (600+ Points)  

and finally:

 ● Grand Master of Mah Jongg (700+ Points)  

 In the short time that MJMP has been in existence, several players have already achieved RED TILE MASTER Rank, some  with over 20 MJMP’s.

This is your opportunity to join as a member of MAH JONGG MASTER POINTS during this important phase, as it grows in importance and integrity. Your input will help to determine future player-benefits, tournament schedules, and rewards. We look forward to welcoming you as a tournament player and a MEMBER of MAH JONGG MASTER POINTS.

For additional information:

   CALL: 941-351-9420                      

EMAIL: gladys@mahjongg.org


All information courtesy of Gladys Grad at www.mahjongg.org.



When the OMs play together it is always a friendly game. We rarely – if ever – have a cross word or are upset if we lose a turn, miss exchanging a tile for a Joker, don’t notice a discarded tile we should have picked up, or are called dead in a game. After all, it’s just a game and there is always another hand to play. But in this month’s issue of Gladys Grad‘s question and answer column, it is clear that there are some players who forget that this is a friendly game. Read on… Continue reading