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Last year for Passover I posted a photo of a Mah Jongg set with the words Mazel Tov written on the tiles used for Jokers (reposted below).

This year, as I wish you all A Ziessen Pesach, I have a new photo to remind you what you should all be doing post-Seder.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.22.48 AM

From last year’s Passover posting:



It’s Passover and, believe it or not, there are actually Mah Jongg sets for sale that have the Star of David and/or the words, “Mazel Tov”  on the tiles to be used for the Jokers.

Have you played with sets like this? If so, send me pictures of your games…

What next?!!!  Let me know if you see anything relating to Mah Jongg for Easter, Christmas, Kwanzaa or any other holidays !


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