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Here is the next posting from the “Yahoo Contributor’s Network”, again from 2009. Email me if
you know any “Mah Jongg Princesses!” Whether or not you do, I think you will get a kick out of
this article…
Lorraine Yapps Cohen
It’s not a cruise ship….

it’s not Far Eastern nobility….

it’s not a new name for an old phone….

….so, what’s Mah Jongg Princess?
Mah jongg is an old Chinese game played in America the American way (that is, by the rules of
the National Mah Jongg League in New York City). The game is played mostly by women, publicly
at community centers and privately in people’s homes across the country, and is as social or
serious as the players permit. One thing is certain: you meet the most interesting people
playing Mah Jongg.

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