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I am just crazy about Barbara and her Eight Flowers Mah Jongg shop on Etsy and am so happy to hear from her that many of you have bought things from her. Now check out these adorable Mah Jongg Book-Lovers Book Mark. I read a lot – when I’m not playing Mah Jongg! – so this is the perfect bookmark for me. These are also great stocking stuffers or Chanukah gifts for those Mah Jongg-playing friends/family members in your life!


By the way, Barbara is not only a Mah Jongg aficionado but she is also an expert on another one of my favorite subjects, CHOCOLATE…YUM!!! Check out her book, The Guide to Chocolate in the Grand Traverse Region. Guess what that means…another kindred spirit from Michigan!!!


I just came across this shop on Etsy – EightFlowersMahJongg– and I must get these stickers…how cute are they?stickerAs Barbara notes on her website: “Art is a print of a watercolor painting by Suzanne R. Sudekum from an unusual “orphan” One/Bird Bamboo. Ideal for the chicken devotee on your gift list.”

Barbara’s Etsy shop also carries lovely Mah Jongg-themed mini note and gift cards. I think I need to get these, too!

BTW, Suzanne is from Michigan – no wonder I love her artwork!


I wear glasses to read and, of course, to play Mah Jongg. Take a look at this cute eyeglass leash:


I think these are so cute and so clever  – and a great little gift for your Mah Jongg-playing friends. This eyeglass leash came from a company called Gehazi Collections located in my very own home town, Detroit, Michigan! Who knew?! Their tag line is Gemstone and Mah Jongg Jewelry – The New Face of Mah Jongg Jewelry. On the invoice was written: Gehazi means valley of vision. May your life be touched by the inspiration that comes from the valley of vision. 

Check out their website featuring Mah Jongg jewelry – www.gehazi.com



Yesterday was our weekly Mah Jongg game and this time it was K’s turn to host with Roxie greeting us as we came in. My hostess gift was for Roxie – an antler – which she seemed to truly appreciate. As always, it was a wonderful day of food and fun. The only thing missing from the day was S who is still in California – and it’s not the same without her!

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