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As promised in yesterday’s posting, here is how  you qualify for the different Mah Jongg Master ranks:

Q. What are the Ranks?

A. Just like other player-ranking systems throughout the world, players receive a rank associated with their achievements:

                                                                 MAH JONGG MASTERS

         ● White Tile Master (<5 Points)

● Green Tile Master (5+ Points)   

Red Tile Master (10+ Points)   

● Black Tile Master (25+ Points)   ,

, Bamboo Tile Master (50+ Points)  

   Flower Tile Master (75+ Points)    

 ● Silver Tile Master (100+ Points)     

 Gold Tile Master (200+ Points)  

● Jade Tile Master (300+ Points)   

● Green Dragon Master (399+ Points)     

● Red Dragon Master (500+ Points)    

● White Dragon Master (600+ Points)  

and finally:

 ● Grand Master of Mah Jongg (700+ Points)  

 In the short time that MJMP has been in existence, several players have already achieved RED TILE MASTER Rank, some  with over 20 MJMP’s.

This is your opportunity to join as a member of MAH JONGG MASTER POINTS during this important phase, as it grows in importance and integrity. Your input will help to determine future player-benefits, tournament schedules, and rewards. We look forward to welcoming you as a tournament player and a MEMBER of MAH JONGG MASTER POINTS.

For additional information:

   CALL: 941-351-9420                      

EMAIL: gladys@mahjongg.org


All information courtesy of Gladys Grad at www.mahjongg.org.


I have received a number of inquiries regarding the definition of and how to obtain Mah Jongg Master Points®. Thanks to Gladys Grad, the Grand Master of American Style Mah Jongg Tournaments, today’s posting will explain the system:

Q. What are Mah Jongg Master Points?

A. MAH JONGG MASTER POINTS(MJMP) is a system where Mah Jongg players can accumulate points to achieve ranks by participating in sanctioned and certified Mah Jongg Tournaments where American-Style Mah Jongg is played. The National Mah Jongg League’s (NMJL) annual card is used during game play. Continue reading