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I’ve said it before…

…and it still holds true: Mah Jongg people are the nicest people! Case in example is dear Donna Eschen in Northern California:

Wife, mother, grandmother, great friend, Mah Jongg certified teacher and a very busy organizer totally running all of the many Mah Jongg activities at the Mussell Center in Santa Maria, CA. And, on top of all that – plus much more – Donna makes sure that the Alzheimer’s Association benefits from our beloved game by working day and night to sell the upcoming new NJML card for 2022, which resulted in the following donation this year (Donna does this every year; there is a place reserved for her in heaven):

Oh, and let’s not forget Donna’s wonderful weekly Mah Jongg newsletter (that’s where the below reminder is from!). If you’d like to subscribe, send your name and email address to Donna at Puffins@aol.com.

And, as a friendly reminder:


Our friend Donna in Santa Maria, California,¬†sent me this wonderful Mah Jongg poem along with pictures from a recent¬†flier for a Mah Jongg tournament. I had promised to post it on the blog and then somehow was sidetracked. So, although the tournament has long passed, here is the poem which should bring a smile to every Mah Jongg player’s face…


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