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I know that so many of you are enjoying the wonderful online game, myjongg.net. Matt has created the most fabulous website and, if you haven’t played it yet, I encourage you to get on it right away. But, beware! It is incredibly addictive!!!I hope that those of you who play with the bots have taken a moment to enjoy the very clever – and very funny – names such as this:Matt definitely has a wicked sense of humor along with being an amazing programmer. If you have come across any particularly funny bot names, send them on over to me. So far, one of the funniest one – although there have been many! –  I have come across is FAYE SLIFT – love it!


One of my star students has been practicing on the great website wwwmyjongg.net and she is conquering the new National Mah Jongg League’s 2017 card! She frequently sends me screen shots of particularly great wins…check out this one…the last hand on the card (Singles and Pairs section) worth 60 points but, since she picked it herself, she received 120 points! Nice!!

The NMJL’s new card is now uploaded onto myjongg.net and it is a great place to really get to know the card and hone your skills. Just be warned…once you start playing on myjongg.net, it is hard to stop!