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The OMs (Original Mahjettes) didn’t meet this Wednesday as several of us went to a holiday luncheon (which was fabulous and such fun!). However, after the festivities, and practically in a sugar coma from the amazing dessert table, seven of us retreated up to a private meeting room  where there were two card tables and two Mah Jongg sets waiting for us. We got down to business right away…but first my dear friend Martha popped in with three copies of Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game for me to sign for her mother’s friends – that was an honor for me!

S1 at “table one” was the first of the day to declare Mah Jongg with this beautiful 2468 hand made up of 22 44 666 888 DDDD.


I was over at “table two” and quickly followed Sanna with a Mah Jongg with my own 2468 hand of 222 444 6666 8888.


Then J over at the other table announced a nice win with a CONSECUTIVE RUN hand that we all know and love – 11 22 333 444 5555.


My turn again with a winning Mah Jongg hand from the 13579 section of the card:                             555 7777 777 9999.


Back to the other table and G declared Mah Jongg with this beautiful CONSECUTIVE RUN hand of FFFF 1111 2222 DD.


And now back to my table and K pulled off the win of the day (IMHO). She really is a pro at playing QUINTS hands and here is her winning hand: FFFF NNNNN 11111. Brava, K!!! And look at all those Jokers!


S1 took the next win with one of my favorite hands, LIKE NUMBERS: FFFF 1111 11 1111.

IMG_2588Meanwhile, back at my table, G2 had a really nice win with a great WINDS AND DRAGONS hand made up of EE 22 WWW 222 2222.


S1 took her third win with a fancy 2014 hand of FF 2014 1111 4444.


And, to my surprise, I had my third win of the day with the good old CONSECUTIVE RUN hand made up of 666 7777 888 9999.


At that point I had to leave (although the rest of the group played on) as I had a 4 PM meeting with the amazing Charlotte Tarr from Naples, Florida. Charlotte is the incredible woman who has arranged multiple speaking/book signing engagements for me in Naples at the end of January. Perhaps some of you will be in Florida at that time? Let me know. I will also be speaking in Boca Raton during the first week in February and am working on something else in Miami during that week. When everything is all finalized, I will post it all.



Last week I posted a call out for opinions on the question submitted by Georgelle in Naples, Florida. Thanks to everyone who responded – and there were a lot of you! Read on to learn what everyone had to say… Continue reading



Today we welcome a wonderful teacher who is originally from New Jersey and now lives in sunny Naples, Florida – Phyllis Cusumano.  Phyllis was raised in Bayside N.Y. and her husband grew up in Manhattan. They moved to N.J. after they married as he worked in N.J.

As Phyllis tells it, “I have been playing Mah Jongg for going on 40 years. I had wonderful Jewish friends who taught me Mah Jongg. Prior I played bridge and loved games! They laugh when I say how well they taught me as I have been teaching and running tournaments here!!! I thank them every day that I have this to keep me going.”

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